Question: Why did ThedaCare take down the hospitality house at 303 Clark St. in Neenah? It was similar to a Ronald McDonald House and was part of the Theda Clark school for more than 30 years. Is ThedaCare currently selling off the waterfront prior to a decision is made to combine its Neenah and Appleton hospitals?

Answer: The demolition of the Neenah Guest House on Clark Street was "entirely unassociated" to ThedaCare's ongoing consideration of developing a brand-new local medical center to change its Neenah and Appleton medical centers, ThedaCare spokesperson Megan Mulholland stated.

ThedaCare offered the three-bedroom visitor house to John Bergstrom in May, and Bergstrom razed your house. As part of the offer, Bergstrom sold ThedaCare two new three-bedroom houses at 512 and 520 Lincoln St.

"Getting two new homes for one older home enables more guests to stay near patients in the ThedaCare hospital," Mulholland said. "In addition to offering respite for visitors, your houses could also serve our resident program with UW (University of Wisconsin in Madison) to attract more medical skill to serve our clients."?

He took down the structures and developed new houses on the properties prior to offering them to ThedaCare for $411,000 on May 17. Bergstrom bought the waterside Clark Street property from ThedaCare for $315,000 on the exact same day, according to records.

Mulholland stated the $96,000 difference in the purchase rates was contributed by Bergstrom making the medical facility whole. "There were no costs to ThedaCare," she said.

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